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Used Motorcycle & ATV inventory

Alberta's go-to dealer for used motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs! Check out our ready-to-go in-stock rides below for actual photos, real prices and accurate payment estimates. All used motorcycles & ATVs come inspected with the inspection report viewable on the listing. We consider all used motorcycle and ATV trade-ins.
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Closeup of a Harley Davidson 6-spoke wheel

The REvival Powersports Difference

What service guarantee or warranty is offered with our rides? Whether you're looking for used motorcycles or ATVs in Alberta, the team at Unleashed Cycle and Sled is here to ensure the quality of every ride that we sell. We ensure that the oil and fluids are clean, new tires are installed if the old ones are worn and a new battery installed if it fails testing. We do not cut corners and ensure that your ride is in excellent riding condition so that you can enjoy racking up the miles.

Does Revival Powersports stock brand new motorcycles or ATVs? We are an independent dealership that primarily sells pre-owned bikes. While we have financing available to purchase from any big box dealer, we focus on the sale of used bikes. Our inventory ranges widely - whether you're looking for a low mileage Harley Davidson motorcycle or shopping sport touring motorcycles, we may have the bike for you.

Does Revival Powersports disclose damages on the motorcycle or ATV listing? We take pride in disclosing in detail any blemishes we find. From extremely minor flaws, to noting if a bike appears to have been dropped, we provide bullet point details so you can make your best decision. While all of our bikes have been ridden, we ensure that we service them to get as close to mint condition as possible. We also factor cosmetics into the price.

How hard is it to get approved for a motorcycle loan with bad credit? Getting approved for a bad credit motorcycle loan is typically not hard to do as there are many options today to get approved even with bad credit. If you have bad or even no credit at all, there may be a lender out there willing to help out.

Can Revival Powersports install upgrades or add-ons? We do not provide any mechanical upgrades directly, however our service partner at Unleashed Cycle and Sled will be happy to quote a price on any of our in-stock rides. While these are purchased directly from our partner, we have financing available which may allow us to include the cost in the sale price.

What fees should I expect when buying with Revival Powersports? If you're buying cash, our all-in price for any in-stock motorcycle or ATV is simply the cash price plus taxes. If you're financing the bike with us, you'll pay the list price shown plus taxes and lending fees.

Does Revival Powersports offer delivery outside of Edmonton? Our service partners at Unleashed Cycle and Sled offer delivery throughout Alberta and beyond. We may be able to roll the cost into the price for financing purpose and will cover storage costs in the event that the shipping date isn't immediate. For trade ins, we'll be able to offer a discount to get your bike back to us.

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