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The top ATV financing options

Lock in your ATV loan and shop anywhere for your next quad or side by side.

Canada's top ATV financing interest rates with $0 down on most approvals.

Simple, transparent fees. We provide full breakdowns so you know what you're paying for.

Bad credit ATV loan options with affordable payments and lenders who report to credit.

Pick your ride and negotiate like a cash buyer. Get the best deal on any new or used ATV.

Funding your next adventure. ATV loans to shop without boundaries.

Apply online to get approved

Receive your ATV financing approval back within one business day. This will outline your interest rate, any loan caps, and give you an idea of what your payments look like.

Pick any new or used ATV

Shop your local ATV dealer or marketplaces like KIJIJI to find the perfect rig for your budget. We charge 10% markup and a $499 doc fee to facilitate the financing. Simple & up-front.

We pay for it.
You own it.

We'll send you your documents remotely and arrange to purchase directly from the seller. Once they receive payment, you're free to pickup your new ATV. Congrats!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What credit score do you need to finance an ATV? There are options in Canada available for every credit score; from pristine to bad credit situations. Your payment history, employment status and debt service ratio are just as important as your credit score when obtaining atv financing. A bad credit score alone will typically not prevent you from getting financing options.

What are the interest rates available for financing an ATV? A clean credit history can get you a loan from our nationwide network for as little as 9.9%. If you have fair to good credit history, you will pay between 11.9% and 14.9%. Finally, if you have bad credit history and are looking to rebuild the rates for bad credit ATV loans start at 19.9% and go up from there.

What are the longest term lengths offered for ATV financing? Most ATV loans are structured between 5 and 8 years, similar to an auto loan. Lenders may offer flexible terms that last between 2 and 10 years subject to affordability and approval.

Is it hard to get approved for ATV financing with bad credit? If you're looking to finance a 4-wheeler in Canada with bad credit, you'll be glad to know that we have the best lenders to make it happen. If you have poor credit history, repos, bankruptcy or even no credit at all - there is a good chance that there is still a lender willing to offer an approval with a fair loan term.

Can ATV financing help to build my credit score? In Canada, an ATV loan can help build credit if payments are made on time, much like an automobile loan. An installment loan is a great way to prove your credit worthiness, as most Canadian lenders report to credit bureaus.

Does Revival Powersports offer guaranteed ATV financing? There is no such thing as guaranteed ATV financing in the way it is understood by the buyer. We have access to all of the reputable lenders in Canada who can offer ATV financing for bad credit situations. More more information about guaranteed financing visit our partner blog at the link below.


The Leaders in ATV Financing

Approvals for All Major ATV Brands Our financing network offers loans for both new and used ATVs from leading manufacturers. We accommodate a variety of brands for quads and side by sides. Some options include, Arctic Cat, Argo, Can-Am, CFMoto, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Polaris, and Yamaha.

Up Front Fees & Breakdowns. We'll not only provide your monthly payment when you finance with us, but we will break down the total cost with all factors of your loan amount included. With this knowledge, you can be confident and ready to choose the perfect rig, whether it be a new UTV or used ATV.

Current ATV Loan Interest Rates. Financing options for high credit scores with pristine history currently start with an interest rate at 9.9%. For mid-tier credit with some bumpy history, you can expect to qualify for a rate in the neighborhood of 14.9%. Working to rebuild with bad credit impact, you're likely starting around 19.9%.

Secure & Safe Processing. Your information being secure is our top priority. You should be focused on your weekend fun, not keeping your identity safe. We go the extra mile to ensure that your information is kept private throughout the process so that you can shop to get set up with complete confidence. Your data is encrypted and we never sell it to a 3rd party outside of our lenders.

Flexible Loan Term & Zero Down Payments. With your loan approval, we'll provide estimated monthly payments at various prices. This means you can calculate to fit your budget. Ultimately, this benefits our customers as they can understand their monthly payment and costs without surprises. Commonly, our finance partners offer zero down options as well so as to keep costs low.

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