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Frequently Asked Questions

At Revival Powersports, we're an open book to help you understand every aspect of every deal.

Covering interest rates, terms, requirements, and many other aspects of motorcycle & powersports financing.

We take pride in full transparency. This covers all there is to know about our dealer fees, lender fees, and taxes charged.

We offer the top consignment program in Canada. In this section we cover what you need to know to have us sell your ride.

We're proud to be partnered with some 3rd party warranty partners. This section covers those options and our guarantees.

Did one of our customers reach out to you? Here is what you need to know about our company and how simple the process is.

Financing F.A.Q.

What are the minimum requirements to get approved for financing with Revival Powersports? Income Requirements: • You must have a minimum of $2,000 per month in income. Credit Requirements: • There is no minimum credit requirement to get approved with options for prime and bad credit applicants. Service Area: • We currently provide service in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and all maritime provinces. We do not currently service Quebec, Yukon, Nunavut or Northwest Territories. Other Requirements: • A government issued drivers license is required for nearly all approvals. That being said, a motorcycle license is generally not required for financing. • You must be able to obtain full insurance coverage.
What interest rates are currently being offered for powersports & recreational financing? Current rates are as follows: • Pristine & Top Credit starts at 9.9% • Mid-Tier Credit starts at 14.9% • Bad Credit Starts at 19.9%
Can I know my rates, terms or payments before applying for financing? The answer is no. Any other dealership or company offering you any sort of indication is completely guessing. The only way to know your true loan parameters is through completing an application.
What documents will I be required to provide to lock in a financing approval with Revival Powersports? Our lenders are each independent and thus require different items depending on the applicant. Typically you can expect the following: • Valid drivers license • Proof of income. Typically this is your two most recent paystubs. Self employed contractors and business owners may require bank statements, invoices as well as tax documents. Pension and disability applicants may require banking to prove deposits as well as a government issued statement of accounts.
How long does it take to get approved and how long is the typical financing process? You will hear back from our team within one business day of applying. Our process to buying the perfect ride is streamlined, however timeline may vary. Expect at least 2-4 business days from the time you decide to move forward on an option to the time you actually take ownership.
What are the current caps and term lengths for recreational financing with Revival Powersports? Currently the parameters for financing are as follows: • Minimum purchase amount is $2,000 with a maximum of $80,000. • Minimum term length is 2 years with a maximum of 20 years. All caps and term lengths are subject to approval conditions and span our entire network of lenders. Specific lenders may not offer the same rates or caps.
What lenders do you use for financing? We have access to an expansive selection of lenders with access to most of which any other dealer in Canada would use. The lender that we choose specifically for your approval will depend on your credit, unit type and budget.
Do you offer in-house financing? While we do not have a direct in-house program, our relationship with our partner lenders are beyond what many other dealers would have. As such, we are proud to be able to offer approvals where many other dealers would not be able to.

Fees & taxes F.A.Q.

Do any of your lenders charge pre-payment or early buyout penalties? No. We do not associate with any lender that charges any sort of penalty for extra payments or early payouts.
What fees can be expected when financing or purchasing from Revival Powersports' inventory? We're proud for our full-transparency nature when it comes to selling rides. Here is what you can expect when buying with us ... Cash Deals: • We are proud to be one of very few dealers who will charge ZERO fees on cash deals. The all-in price is our listed cash price plus GST. Financing Deals: • We charge a flat $499 documentation fee. This applies to every customer regardless of credit situation or unit choice. Unlike many other dealers, we NEVER inflate our doc fees to offset sale pricing. • Our lenders charge anywhere from $199 to $999 subject to approval.
What fees can be expected when financing private sales from outside of Revival Powersports' inventory? We're proud for our full-transparency nature when it comes to selling rides. Here is what you can expect when financing with us ... • We charge a flat $499 documentation fee. This applies to every customer regardless of credit situation or unit choice. • We charge 10% markup on the cost to buy the unit in from the private seller. This is our margin on the sale. • Our lenders charge anywhere from $199 to $999 subject to approval.
Are there additional fees if I use my loan approval to buy from a different dealership? When using your loan approval with us to buy from another dealership, there may be additional admin fees and taxes charged by that dealer. We based our fees and your loan amount on the full cost (all-in price) of the unit. We suggest negotiating the purchase price if you are concerned with the fees and taxes charged another dealership as they are out of our control.
How does sales tax work when purchasing or financing with Revival Powersports? GST is charged on all purchases through all services we offer. No exceptions. PST may be charged depending on your province. In many cases, this is collected by your registry agent and therefore may not be included in the loan unless requested as such. HST may be charged depending on your province. It may be waived in the event that the unit is delivered outside of Alberta and registered within 7 days. Any amounts can be requested to be added to the loan.
Why do you have to charge GST on the sale? A competitor of yours said they do not have to. Our process differs from our competitors to ensure your safety on the purchase. We act as a middleman and take ownership of the unit in order to grant access to our lending network. This allows us to confirm the sellers identity, search for liens and verify ownership. There have been horror stories from our competitors where they finance units with liens, undisclosed write-offs or rides from scam sellers leaving their customers to deal with the result.
Why is GST charged on a used unit? Wasn't it paid when the unit was bought new? Because our government requires us to charge GST. And yes, it was paid originally as well.
Do you accept customers who are exempt from paying taxes? Absolutely! We will require valid, non-expired proof of exemption and the unit will need to be confirmed that it is delivered to a reservation.

Consignment F.A.Q.

What costs can I expect to be paying up-front to consign with Revival Powersports? We charge zero up front costs, regardless of the situation. If service work is required, the cost would be deducted upon sale or in the event you wish to pick up the ride at the end of the term.
What fees are involved with consigning my motorcycle or ATV with Revival Powersports? Our fees are simple. We charge 10% deducted from the agreed on sales price. All of our inventory is required to be serviced and inspected. There is a $100 charge for the inspection from our service partner.
How does the $500 consignment up-front kickback work? On rides accepted into our $500 kickback program, we pay up to $500 of the projected payout up-front once the ride is inspected and given a clean bill of health. While most of the rides we accept are through the $500 kickback program, there are reasons where the kickback may not be offered including: • Service is required and we use the $500 to cover that. • The consignor wants a higher list price that we aren't 100% comfortable with. • The consignor requires delivery. • The unit is highly customised or we are unfamiliar with its market.
I won't be able to bring my ride to you, can Revival Powersports provide pickup options? Yes! We pick up for free in Edmonton or for a fee to bring it in from ourside our area. All fees charged, as noted prior, are collected upon sale or end of the agreement. There are zero up front costs to consign with us.
Should I keep my insurance active on my ride while it is at Revival Powersports? All of our inventory is fully insured while in our showroom. Some consignors choose to keep their insurance active for their own peace of mind, however it is not required.
How does sales tax work when purchasing or financing with Revival Powersports? GST is charged on all purchases through all services we offer. No exceptions. PST may be charged depending on your province. In many cases, this is collected by your registry agent and therefore may not be included in the loan unless requested as such. HST may be charged depending on your province. It may be waived in the event that the unit is delivered outside of Alberta and registered within 7 days. Any amounts can be requested to be added to the loan.
Do you offer test rides on consignment inventory? We do not offer test rides on any of our inventory under any circumstance outside of the full purchase price being covered.
How safe and secure is my ride while it is at Revival Powersports? In addition to our insurance coverage, we have two security systems on site as well as overnight watch in our complex.
I would like to consign, but my ride has a lien on it. Can we still work out an option? In most cases, yes. We have direct connections to nearly all of the lenders in Canada and can ensure that the lien is paid out upon sale. If the lien is held by a lender outside of our network, we will work on a case by case basis.
What documents are required to consign with Revival Powersports? We require the following to accept your ride into our consignment program: • Valid identification to confirm identity. • Valid proof of ownership in the form of registration or bill of sale in your name solely. • A means of accepting payment. We pay via Interac Etransfer up to $10,000 daily until paid in full. We also allow for pickup of bank drafts during showroom hours. We do not mail bank drafts or cheques.

Warranty F.A.Q.

Does Revival Powersports offer any no cost warranty or guarantee on units sold out of their inventory? While we don't specifically offer any guarantees, we do run ever unit that comes into our inventory through a full inspection. This is completed by our 3rd party service partners at Unleashed Cycle and Sled. which ensures that not only our reputation, but their reputation is attached to every ride we sell. The service report is available to view on each listing in our inventory. While there is no contractual warranty coverage or obligation, we spare no expense to ensure that any service required to be mechanically sound has been completed.
What warranty or insurance options do you offer for sale? We offer the following products currently: • SAL Mechanical Assistance - Extended warranty coverage to help in the event of unexpected repairs. This low cost plan covers the major high expense components, includes benefits such as roadside assistance and is available for motorcycles up to 12 model years old. • IA Companion GAP Plus - GAP protects you from the burden of negative equity in the event of total loss. With affordable premiums and a kickback when you purchase a replacement unit with the same dealer; it is a great option for extra peace of mind. • Invisitrak Anti Theft - This traceable marking solution actively protects your unit by marking it with security codes. If the unit is ever stolen it can be identified in a database for easy access to law enforcement. The program covers up to $7,500 in expenses.
What are the costs associated with the warranty options you have available for purchase? Prices range subjected to make, model, year, value and term length. Estimates for each coverage based on our average deal amounts based on biweekly payments on a 72-month term are as follows: • SAL Mechanical Assistance: Expect $15-25 per payment for 2 years of coverage. • IA Companion Gap Plus: Expect $10-15 per payment for coverage for the entire loan term or until used. • Invisitrak Antitheft: Expect $5 or less per payment which covers for the full loan term or until use.

Warranty Resources

Private Seller F.A.Q.

Is Revival Powersports a legitimate business to deal with? Of course we are, but anybody could say that so we will go further in-depth on who are are. Our ownership group has been in the industry for well over a decade. Incorporated in 2019 and registered as 2179513 Alberta Ltd, we originally worked as support for other dealerships for credit challenged customers. In 2021, we broke free from the shadow of other dealers and opened our first motorcycle and powersports dealership with a full brick-and-mortar showroom in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. That is now Revival Powersports.
What documents are required to sell our ride to Revival Powersports? We require to verify three important items - Identity, ownership and payment method. • Identity - As required by our government body, we must obtain a copy of a valid drivers license from anybody who sells to us. • Ownership - We require proof of ownership in the form of current registration, insurance or bill of sale paperwork. It must be in your name as the legitimate seller. • Payment method - The seller must have autodeposit set up in their name or provide a void cheque in which we can process a bank draft deposit. See below for more methods of payment and full breakdowns.
How do we safely pay sellers to purchase their units? All of our payment options are verified through banks. We do not facilitate deals through any other methods. Options are as follows: • Interac Etransfer Autodeposit: The quickest and easiest way to receive and verify funds. Etransfers are non-reversible and autodeposit provides the account holders information so we can confirm identity. Maximum $10,000 over 24 hours. • Direct Deposit of Bank Draft: We can purchase a bank draft from our bank and deposit it into yours. For this method we will require a void cheque or PAD form. Bank drafts are irreversible and act as cash so there should be no holds but hold policies do vary by bank. No limits on daily amounts. • Cash pickup at our showroom: We can order cash to be picked up at our showroom up to $10,000. Depending on the amount this may take 3 to 5 business days. We will only pay the seller direct, you can not have someone else pick up cash. Maximum of $10,000 can be accepted in cash form as per money laundering laws. • Payment via Mail: This is by far the least convenient method and can add days to the transaction. We would mail out a business cheque in your name. With this method we would apply the lien to the unit prior to ensure that you can not sell it from under us. No limits on amounts but can add days and even weeks in some cases. Bank drafts will not be mailed under any circumstance.
Why do you require me to sign a bill of sale prior to sending any funds? All of the leverage is in the hands of you, the seller, while you will maintain control of the unit throughout the process up until you verify funds are received and arrange pickup. Owership documents must be signed and processed prior to payment as the risk is on our end in the transaction. No exceptions.
Once payment is received, what is the process in getting the new owner their bike? Consider us the middle man in this. Once the bike is fully paid for with funds verified, our customer will pick up directly from you. We request that you also provide them with a direct bill of sale to ease registration in certain provinces.
Can I offer financing through Revival Powersports on a unit that I am selling? Absolutely. There is zero cost to the seller to offer our services and it may open up opportunity to sell to a customer requiring a loan. Simply offer them a link to our website to apply.

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F.A.Q. Infographics

Revival Powersports KIJIJI Private Sale Financing flow chart

This process map covers the various stages involved when you get approved for a loan to buy from anywhere.

We're proud to provide CARFAX history reports with every ride.

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Available on all of our in-stock inventory and private sale buy-ins.

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