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Motorcycle Loans Done Right.

One loan approval allows you to shop anywhere as a cash buyer for your next new or used motorcycle.

Top motorcycle financing interest rates in Canada with $0 down on most approvals.

Simple fee structure. We provide full breakdowns so you don't get caught paying hidden fees.

Bad credit motorcycle loan options with zero pre-payment or early buyout penalties.

Pick any motorcycle and negotiate like a cash buyer. Get the best deal on any new or used bike.

Finance with us and shop anywhere as a cash buyer for your next motorcycle.

Apply Online to Get Your Approval Locked In

Receive your motorcycle loan approval back within one business day. This outlines your interest rate, any caps, and gives you an idea of what your payments will look like.

Shop for the perfect new or used motorcycle.

Shop your local motorcycle dealer or on marketplaces like KIJIJI to find the perfect bike for your budget. We charge 10% markup and a $499 doc fee. Simple & up-front.

We pay for it.
You own it.

We'll send your documents remotely and arrange to purchase direct from the seller. Once they are paid, you're free to pickup your new motorbike. Congrats!
Motorcycle Wheel

Frequently Asked Motorcycle Financing Questions:

What credit score do you need to finance a motorcycle? There is no minimum credit score to be approved for a loan. While having a good score helps, lenders take other factors into account when offering an approval such as previous installment payment history, debt service ratio and time at your current job. While high credit tier customers will be offered the best interest rates, we are proud to offer bad credit fixed rate loans for motorcycles as well with all of our lenders offering lump sum payments without penalty. If you're looking at dirt bike financing, you'll likely be looking at a percentage point or two higher as this type of bike financing carries a higher risk.

What interest rate can I expect when financing a motorcycle? The top lenders in Canada offer competitive rates for motorcycle financing starting at 9.9% for high credit tier customers. For good credit you can typically expect an interest rate between 9.9% and 11.9%, fair credit in the 12.9% to 17.9% range and bad credit rebuilds starting at 19.9%.

What term lengths are offered for motorcycle financing? Lenders structure based on your payment goals and affordability. Most motorcycle loans are offered between 5 and 8 years similar to an auto loan. Some lenders structure as short as 2 years or as long as 10 years for newer models. In addition, all of our lenders offer penalty free lump sum payments so you can save interest.

How hard is it to get approved for financing with bad credit? Getting approved for a bad credit motorcycle loan is not as difficult as you may think. There are many motorcycle lending options today to help you get approved even with bad credit. If you have bad or even no credit at all, there may be a lender out there willing to help out.

Can motorcycle financing help to build credit? Much like an auto loan, a motorcycle loan can help build credit so long as payments are made on schedule. Most lenders in Canada report to your bureau and an installment loan is a great way to prove your credit worth.

Can you get motorcycle financing on a bike from another dealer? We can offer both prime and bad credit motorcycle financing from any participating dealers who accept cash. We buy the unit from them, which allows us to resell to you. Whether you're locking in a dirt bike loan to shop your local powersports store, or you're eyeing a ride at your local Harley Davidson dealership - we have you covered. Our fee is our standard doc fee of $499 and 10% markup on the all-in purchase price. All fees involved are up front. Be sure to visit our FAQ for more details.

Does Revival Powersports finance dirt bikes & motocross? Yes! Our lenders offer dual sport, adventure bike and dirt bike financing. Our dirt bike financing process is simple and gives you the power to shop anywhere for your next dirt bike. Fill out our application and see how our team quickly pre qualify buyers to hit the off road trails!

Does Revival Powersports guaranteed financing? No lender in Canada can truly back their guaranteed financing offer in the way that you expect. Typically these offers have conditions attached that are severely detrimental to the buyer. We do not associate with us organizations. That being said, we still have plenty of options that help with poor credit to get you on the path to motorcycle ownership. For more information on "guaranteed financing" check out this blog post.


The Revival Powersports Advantage

Lenders Who Specialize in Motorcycle Financing We are proud to be partnered with Canadian lenders who specialize specifically in motorcycle and dirt bike loans. Our customers have access to the best interest rates and term options that many major banks do not offer. Whether you're looking for Harley Davidson financial services, a dirt bike loan or are just getting your feet under you in a lower priced used starter motorcycle, we have access to the options to get you approved.

All Major Makes & Models Approved Our lending network provides financing for new or used eligible motorcycles of all major makes and models. This includes, but is not limited to, motorcycle loans for Harley Davidson, Aprilia, BMW, Can-am, Ducati, Honda, Husqvarna, Indian Motorcycles, Kawasaki, KTM, Moto Guzzi, Polaris, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory and Yamaha.

Competitive Rates with the Top Lenders in Canada We're partnered with the best Canadian motorcycle lenders to get you competitive rates based on your past credit performance. Current rates start at 9.9% for top tier credit and can range from 14.9% to 19.9% and up for mid tier to bad credit. Your credit approval will allow you to shop for a new or used motorcycle anywhere in Canada that accepts cash. Most approvals offer low down payments and flexible terms to fit your budget. Simply fill out a credit application to get started on the road to motorcycle ownership!

Harley Davidson Financing Options If you're looking for Harley Davidson financial services, we've got options to get you set up! We're proud to offer specialize options for fixed rate financing to get you approved on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Whether you're looking for a new Harley Davidson from your local Harley Davidson dealership, or you're buying a used motorcycle from KIJIJI, we have the loan option for you.

Flexible Terms & Zero Down Payment Options Let's face it - not all applicants have a stash of cash to put down towards their motorcycle financing. You'll be happy to know that over 90% of our credit approvals are offered with zero down payment. Furthermore, our financing is through lenders with flexible terms and payment options so that we can structure to meet your budget. Finally, we can protect your asset with access to extended warranty options for your new bike that won't break the bank.

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