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Private Sale Financing

Financing Canada for all things powersports & recreation

We will buy in any motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, boat, utility trailer, travel trailer, camper or fifth wheel so that you can finance it!

All major makes & models. Older years accepted.

Shop from kijiji, marketplace, or anywhere else that accepts cash. No pressure sales from us.

The best rates. The best service. The best options.

Why choose us?

Finance to Buy a Motorcycle, ATV or RV from Any Source - Choice Banner

We will get you the best approval available so you can shop for the unit that fits both your needs and budget.  No pressure sales or gimmicks.  We're on the same team.


CARFAX & Lien Checks for Private Sale Loans on Motorcycles, ATVs, RV and Marine

We provide lien checks and CARFAX on every unit when available. We also collect and verify private seller ownership and identity prior to buying in any unit.


Recreational Financing for Good & Bad Credit, Full Disclosure of Fees

Our recreational and powersports financing program is transparent with all fees and costs.   We provide calculators and breakdowns on every approval.


Buy From Anywhere - Loans for RV, Motorcycle, ATV and Marine


We'll buy in motorbikes, ATVs, sleds, boats or trailers from anywhere that accepts cash. KIJIJI, Facebook Marketplace, friends, family or even other dealerships!

Canadian Book Values for Motorcycles, ATVs, Boat or RV


We have access to blue book to aide in your search, protection plans for extra security and a top-tier service partner who can get you set up with parts or upgrades. 

Kickbacks for Service on all Powersports Loans


Our private sales finance program offers more kickbacks than anybody else!  Get $100 on service or gear from anywhere.  Order through Unleashed Cycle & Sled for $200!

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