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Financing for Tractors, mowers & Equipment throughout Canada! Good & Bad Credit Loan options.

Cultivate Your Dreams.

With countless new and used tractors, mowers, and small equipment across Kijiji, Marketplace, and agricultural dealers - why not take full control over your purchase options?

We offer the pre-approval, allowing you to pick the perfect machine near you that meets your needs and budget. We'll buy it and provide you with access to the leading tractor and equipment loan options in Canada.

Corn Field Barn

Flexible Tractor loan options for all!

  • Top equipment financing rates available in canada.

  • Lenders that approve older model year tractors.

  • self employed & contract workers Approved.

  • Bad Credit Tractor Loan Options Available.

  • ​All major equipment makes accepted.

  • $0 down tractor loan options oAC.

  • Short time at the job accepted.

Tractor in Field

What credit score is needed to finance a tractor?

There is no minimum credit score needed to obtain a tractor loan in Canada. Lenders usually consider factors other than credit scores when determining loan eligibility, such as previous payment history, debt-to-income ratio, and duration of employment.

What interest rates are available for mowers & equipment?

Equipment loans are available starting at 9.9% interest from the most dependable lenders in Canada. The interest rate spectrum for loans generally falls between 9.9% and 11.9% for excellent credit, 12.9% to 16.9% for average credit, and a minimum of 19.9% for poor credit.

What term lengths are offered for tractor & mower financing?

Your lender will tailor your tractor and equipment loan according to your payment objectives and affordability. Loans for such machinery are typically available for a duration of 5 years. Some lenders may provide extended terms for newer or higher value units.

Is it difficult to get approved for bad credit tractor financing?

With numerous lending choices available today, obtaining bad credit tractor financing may be relatively easy, even if you possess poor or no credit history. We have connections to the top tractor financing oppportunities in Canada to secure an approval.

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