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Finance Your Dream Golf Cart

Drive the green in style with the top golf cart loan options available in Canada!

The best interest rates in Canada with zero down options on most approvals.

Fully transparent fee structure with longer terms than most golf cart loan options in Canada.

Previous credit holding you back? Bad credit golf cart financing options are available.

Shop at any golf cart dealer in Canada. All major makes and models approved.

Our loan approval process will have you making the cut with ease!

Apply Online to Get Approved

Receive your approval back within one business day. This will outline your rate, cap if set, and give you an estimate on what your payments will be.

Choose a Golf Cart from a Shop Local to You

Shop at any local golf cart dealer and pick a unit based on your approval. Our fee is a 10% markup on the total price at the dealer, minimum $500, which is added to the financing.

We pay For It.
You Own It.

We'll complete all of the documents remotely and arrange for payment direct to the golf cart dealer. Once they confirm payment, you're free to pickup. Congrats!

A golf cart parked on the fairway at a tree lined golf course

Frequently Asked Questions

What interest rates are available for golf cart financing? Golf cart loans in Canada currently start at 9.99% oac and vary based on risk assessment.

What credit score is needed to finance a golf Cart? In Canada, there is no particular credit score needed to obtain a golf cart loan. Lenders often consider aspects other than credit scores when determining loan eligibility, such as previous payment history, debt-to-income ratio, and duration of employment.

What term lengths are offered for golf cart financing? Current golf cart loans are typically structured and amortized over a 5 year term to promote affordability. Revival Powersports only uses lenders that allow extra payments including full payout without prepayment penalties.

Do you offer financing for used or custom golf carts? At present, the Canadian lenders we collaborate with do not offer financing for pre-owned golf carts. This is mainly because of the significant variation in the value of used golf carts. Nevertheless, financing a brand new golf cart is usually quite cost-effective and achievable.

Are there financing options for self-employed and contractors? Yes! All of our golf cart financing partners will consider income from self-employed business owners as well as contractors. Typically banking and invoices will be required.

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